Self-Help women Financial Projects

Praise be to the name of the almighty God for he has enabled us to do great things among which are various projects that have made us fruitful women of God by supporting the ministry and the society at large.
(a). Cash-rounds projects, Women at Search light of God Church have setup financial support projects like cash-rounds which encourages women to save and give their savings to one of their members within a given period of time. They use such money to buy household utensils as a way of supporting their husbands and to establish the principle of saving money. (b). Loaning scheme project, They also have a loaning scheme where women are able to borrow little sums from their central pool to do development activities. (c). Piggery project, As women, we have setup a piggery project majoring in high quality breeds and this has made us actively involved by making sure that they eat and grow well, leave in a clean place and also ensure proper reproduction. (d). Saucepans project, We also bought good quality saucepans to be hired for functions which has also acted as an added source of income. (e). The Gomesi project, for hire on functions like introductions have still added on our income. (f). Garage project, The garage sell program has also been such a great blessing, Women I lead gather clothes which we put at one sell point. After being authorized from the church we announce and sell them. All the above projects have been a big blessing to us financially and also spiritually by allowing us to preach the gospel of actions. Our treasury has been strengthened and all funds we collect are deposited to our bank account.

about the leader

Mam. Jane Lumbuye gave her life to Christ in 1982 at a very young age. was a woman who loved God very much in her catholic religion before she converted, A religion is a religion because even though she was very active and prayerful she was felling something lucking in her life. Until when she was introduced to Christ by her in law, though she had no a lot but she felt full up-today she has never re grated, Under the Ministry of search light of God, Mam. Jane Lumbuye serves as a preacher, usher and also a women leader, she has been in the ministry for twenty five years. She testifies to God that through this ministry, God blessed her with a full house and many more. I also thank God for having given grace to my Pastors. Israel & Justine Mutabaganya for mentoring me through the anointing upon their life i was taught how to pray and read the bible. My life and family totally changed. Am here to call all human to befriend the Holy Spirit, because of him i live a life of testimony.


We aim to setup a home for both the elderly women and orphans in the community.


To help out the elderly women and orphans in our community. By doing this we aim to improve their standards of living by giving them beds, mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, food and better health. We also support orphans in various perspectives like paying fees, clothing and feeding.


The name of the almighty God has been praised for the intensive support and care we’ve given to the elderly women in our community most especially the sick.

women of hope

This department brings together all the women in the church, including the married, single mothers, youths and widows. The women are taught a lot of things that make them more productive not only in church but the families and community at large. They do evangelism, mainly by door-to-door. They learn and practice farming; for instance they have a piggery and weaving which produce some money that they give to the poor and sick in the community.

Send a Pig Project

They also have “Send a pig project”; in this project, the women give one piglet to a member, who rears it until it gives birth. She then returns two piglets which are given to another member to rare and also return when they give birth. All these projects help the women to earn some money to sustain their families and eradicate poverty. The women also have what they call “Mercy Ministries”, where they give generously to orphans, the poor, the needy, elderly and the sick.

Free Primary Health Care

The women also have social activities where they make tours around the country to refresh their minds and learn more about their surroundings. They also hold regular seminars to sensitize women about primary health care. Mrs. Kimuli, one of their members who is also a professional health personnel teaches women about health matters like HIV/AIDS, antenatal care and nutrition. Other lessons include catering, good Christian morals and many other issues.


(1).  Plan to Setup organized development Projects or Businesses e.g rented houses, shops, land for farming and etc, for financial support. (2).  Plan to begin a Home for Orphans and elderly women (Mercy Home). (3).  Plan to setup first a nursery and a primary school / education more especially for those who are needy. (4).  As Charity Ministry requires a number of things for it to be Effective, Bellow are the vital things we’r seriously planing to archive with time. Communication facilities such as smart phones, computers(Laptops), a mobile van (cars) to move easily and conveniently to different destinations as required.


Address: P.O.Box 1997 Kampala (U)
Maganjo, Kagoma Stage in Soweto Town

Tel: (+256) 700 484 413 , (+256) 780863816


As we Endeavor to support the Ministers and the needy at large, we are limited by the following issues;

a). Lack of financial support in form of organized development projects (Business for high stable income) and other material support such as utensils, clothing and many more in order to meet a number of lives for God’s sake. b). As Charity Ministry requires a number of things for it to be successful, Bellow are the vital things we’r lacking. Communication facilities such as smart phones, computers(Laptops), a mobile van (cars) to move easily and conveniently to different destinations as required.

Give, Tithe, Help, Donate to our ministry as the spirit leads you for a cause, Our mission is to lead many in growing their relationship with the Holy spirit, Please join our giving plan. Give as a way of sharing love & blessing others. It is, in our vision, a part of our worship to God. He wants us to understand the blessings that come to those who give with a cheerful heart