Production & Media Ministry

Nduga Robert is a professional musician holding a diploma in music studies. Faithfully serving at Search Light of God Evangelistic Ministry as the pianist and has taught a number of youth to play music instruments. He ministers in the praise and worship team at Search Light of God under section Piano Player. Nduga Robert gave his life to Christ Jesus at only age of eight, By grace Nduga Robert as a young teen he purposed to serve God through Music, Drama and more, “Through the Ministry of Search Light of God Evangelistic Ministry Nduga Robert is great full to the extent that is not ashamed to share to all what God has done in his life through the grace God placed upon this Ministry” Here he says; I am proud of my God because I am a global living testimony. I was born in 1984 in Mengo hospital. But before that year came to pass, I was told by my parents that I had spent six years in my mother’s womb before I was born, and they had tried everything and nothing was changing. But I thank the almighty God as the bible says in the book of Jeremiah 1:5 that before He made me in my mother’s womb, He knew me. I thank God for the conviction of the Holy Spirit that he put upon a certain friend of my mother to go with her for prayer meeting to be prayed for. But victory belongs to Jesus. Today am here to tell the whole world that am a living testimony, maybe I wouldn’t have been alive today.

I can not forget to thank God for my dear Pastor, Israel Mutabaganya who has been used by God to nurture me in most sections of my life, By the Anointing which God has placed Upon his life i have been turned into a blessing Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and the church at large. He has been a blessing towards my making a strong relationship with the Holy Spirit. His messages have been used by God to be my turning point in my personal day to day life, I am the person who used to move from one Rental to another but as i talk now By grace i built my own rentals, God has transformed me into a life changer for Christ glory be to God.


is to have many workers who will use there talents to win many souls for God’s Kingdom.


Is to train many ministers who will use there instruments to call people into the Kingdom of God