We have fun! We learn about Jesus Christ. We get to know each other. And we always keep in mind that the church is here to help parents, not replace them. Your kids are going to love it at Search Light Of God, and Search Light Of God is going to love your kids!

Sunday school, Children’s Ministry

MARGREAT-KISAKYE: Children’s Pastor and Mother, In year 1987 God put a burden on my heart to serve as a Pastor at the same time as a mother in the children’s church, 30-years pasturing children at Search Light of God Evangelistic Ministry. Pastor Margreat-Kisakye enjoys a lot when serving God in the Children’s ministry with the following reasons, She says; Children are Lovely and when taught the word of God and come to that level of personal full Understanding of God’s word, it’s very hard for this child to be changed into another way which is not of God, As a child will have the potential to discern between evil and truth because of the foundation one had. Through this ministry by God’s grace, Doctors, Posters, Teachers, Lawyers and many more have been raised. Grown up children from this ministry have exercised the word of God by practicing Holy matrimony which glorifies Our God so much in this endangered generation. Sunday school is the children’s church at Search Light of God Evangelistic Ministry. The school has more than 100 children.

Our Mission:

Search Light of God’s Children’s ministry exists to gather Kids into age-appropriate community and to equip them so that kids can come to know Jesus Christ and serve others the way God shaped them to bring back glory to God, hence saving the future Generation.

Our Vision:

My desire and prayer Still remains the same, Is to make the world know that also these Young ones (CHILDREN) are very, very important than the world think. Mathew 19:14 ” But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven”.

our Future plans:

a) To set up a home for non catered for Children and orphans. b) To set up a more descent church structure for our children’s church. c) To get Screens, Projectors and Computers for children’s Christian learning. d) To set up Children ministry Source of income Business for supporting our kids needs. e) To become able for comprehensive programs to teach our children about their health and HIV and AIDS.