pastor Israel Mutabaganya

Is the founder and lead Pastor of Search Light Of God Evangelistic Ministry, headquartered at Maganjo – Kagoma and a host of fellowship churches throughout Uganda. Pastor Israel is recognized for the teaching and preaching of God’s word, empowers many to experience God’s grace, restoration, healing and financial growth as a result of delivering biblical principles to apply in daily lives. He is a winner of souls as he organizes crusades in different places all over Uganda, He is married to pastor Justine Mutabaganya and the Lord has blessed them with children. Pastor Israel’s message is focused on; preaching of God’s word, love, hope, encouragement, inspiration, motivation and above all working faith through Christ Jesus. He has traveled to nations – preaching this same message and many people have been saved and delivered from the powers of darkness. He is a real example and a product of excellence. He believes that excellence is a lifestyle and not an achievement. Everything that we do should be to the standard of heaven because it represents the attributes of God being an excellent God. God never does things anyhow but He perfects everything He does. Therefore, every Christian should emulate the character of God since we are His children.
He believes that Christians are called to win, and that there is no situation that is too big for God. Your measure of God will determine the magnitude of what He can accomplish in you and you should never live a mediocre life because that does not reveal the glory of God. The devil is much afraid of you than you should be of him, because greater is He that is in you than the one in the world and this is our victory even our faith. Therefore, never let the devil have the upper hand in your life, fight the good fight of faith and never give up on God or give in until the battle is declared over and you declared the winner. Remember: Jesus’s coming back is sooner than you think!!

pastor Justine Mutabaganya

Pr. Justine-Mutabaganya is a lead pastor of Search Light of God Church Kalerwe, a singer, song writer & a Bible teacher with a group of elders and deacons focused on transforming lives in different aspects of life, With a burden to train an army for God that will serve in these end times, By the anointing upon her life many have been transformed through her songs and radio programs on Inner Man FM, Pr. Justine is married to Bishop Israel Mutabaganya the Overseer of Search Light of God Evangelistic Ministry, blessed with sons and daughters residing in Kampala-Uganda.