I will give you a simple journey of chosen as a group that was made out of the youth members by the youth leader of that time who was Rachael Kalembe in local church of searchlight of God found in maganjo – kagoma. Initially it was called Chosen by Glory in 2005 and 2006 under the leadership of Rose Ssenungi who is currently married. Later is 2007 the name was changed to Chosen By Glory Dancers due to the new different ideas brought by youth member s. the group became a group of dancers and singers and we set up shows and performed in different churches in drama, skits, songs and in dances under the leadership of Walubi George. Now we are a group of girls and boys ministering to the world through dances and original compositions in skits and gospel music. A Word from Chosen By Glory Members. The far God has brought us we are so grateful. And the far is taking us we are very ready for that time we want to thank our PASTORS and the local church members of Searchlight of God Ministries for always standing by our side and attending our shows and giving us support in any manner, may the good lord Jesus Christ reward you amen.


To develop a self-motived youth to transform the youth of the society and of the world at large through Gospel- Entertainment.

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(2). To help to youth who suffer with low self- esteem change. (2). To develop the talents of youth in the church society and trap the youth of the community through these talents. (3). To help the youth discover them-selves differently through Youth fellowships.